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Sunday, 23 October 2011

I love/hate my job

Its been a while since I've blogged this is largely because I've been exhausted by my new job. The job in many aspects is great I love helping people, I find working with the residents really rewarding and I'm building a rapport with many of them, and getting used to their individual quirks and foibles, most of the residents are very easy to get along with, of course there are one or two who can be incredibly annoying but that just adds to the challenge, many of the residents are always telling me what a lovely girl I am and how grateful they are for everything I do for them. So yeah I love my job helping people with the little things that most of us take for granted, which they can no longer do for one reason or another. Working with the elderly is challenging, many of our residents have dementia to some extent, which means that we have to constantly reassure them that they are alright, telling them where they are and what is happening around them so that they do not become distressed. It also means that many of them need some semblance of routine in order to slow their degeneration.

Whilst I love my job and the residents, I hate where I work there is far too rigid a routine, especially for a home which supposedly prides itself on offering person centered care, there is a great deal of emphasis placed   on getting tasks completed and very little on providing actual care for the residents, everything is rushed and there is no time to spend talking to a resident or helping them with something specific they need help with. A number of the staff don't really seem to care about the residents and are more concerned with making sure they can rush out on their break rather than ensuring a resident is comfortable or assisted to the toilet etc. There is also so much bitching and backstabbing in that place I can't stand it, the people I work with constantly bitch and whine. I have recently found out that some of my so called colleagues don't like working with me because they think that I'm slow at doing things, this is because they rush residents in every aspect of their lives, be it dressing or assisting them with feeding, they rush everything and if you allow residents to actually do something at their own pace then you're apparently too slow. It also doesn't help that I'm still learning, I've not done elderly care before and I am still supposed to be on my induction where I'm working with another member of staff at all times, this has rarely actually happened, the induction has been terrible and I feel that there has been very little support from those who have been there for sometime in establishing myself in my role, don't get me wrong there have been one or two of my colleagues who have been very supportive and I don't think I would have lasted this long without them but the support is very sporadic and at times I feel like I'm expected to be a mind reader and anticipate what has been done and what still needs to be done as communication at my place of work is pretty much non existent.

While I love my job and my residents, I don't know how much longer I can put up with the bitchiness, the lack of teamwork, the absence of  communication and  the frankly substandard level of care which some of my colleagues provide. I have decided that I am going to try and stick it out for 6 months which gives me until the end of January and if I still feel the same way then I will be looking for a new job and handing in my notice. A lot of the current staff have either handed in their notices or have applied for other jobs and will be handing their notices in as and when these new applications come to fruition, so hopefully if they leave and we get some new staff who are more concerned with the actual provision of care, rather than rushing to meet set times for the completion of task which have been imposed by the staff themselves and in no way reflect the diverse needs of the residents for whom we are responsible.

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