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Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Job Jitters.

Over the past week I have done my induction training  for the new job, it was all stuff that I've been taught to do time and time again but a refresher on these things never hurts. The training in itself wasn't difficult and I'm confident that I know what i'm doing when I get my start date, however the training period did worry me somewhat in terms of wondering how well i'm going to cope with going back into a work environment. I've been unemployed now for 2 years and prior to that I was only working for 5-10 hours a week ( I was doing 40 hours a week at uni during that time but thats not exactly the same as working as things are far more relaxed) whilst I have worked full time hours at the supermarket where I worked before uni and during the holidays this is my first proper full time job. Once my CRB, ISA and references have all come through I'll be working 42 hours a week which is going to be a significant change to what I am used to and it's going to mean that things within mine and Sheldon's home life and its going to take some getting used to for both of us, it'll be a challenge but I'm sure we can manage it.

I am somewhat worried about leaving Sheldon at home alone, I'm sure that he'll be fine, he's been stable on his meds for quite sometime now, but there is still the possibilty that he could have a bad depressive/manic phase at anytime really, that a bridge we'll have to cross when we got to it. Apart from that he's working on his grade 8 piano and doing 120 credits towards his degree this year so he'll have plenty to keep him busy and we have our meds arranged with an alarm on his phone so he knows when to take them. While I am going to be working 42 hours per week I'll only be working 3.5 days as (just in most cases within healthcare these days) I'll be working 12 hour days. This doesn't bother me, It means I'll have plenty of opportunity to spend time with Sheldon and my friends, and will have weekdays off so we'll still be able to go out and do things during the week when they're cheaper.

In terms of the job itself I know that i'll be fine doing the day to day tasks which I have to do, they're all things which i have done before and I will have a mentor initially to assist me in getting used to just how things run in this particular homw, as everywhere is slightly different. My only real worry is finding my way around the home an it is much larger than any I have been in before and some what labyrinthine in its layout, it'll take sometime, but I'm sure that I'll get my head around it sooner or later. So now its just a case of waiting while they dot the is and cross the ts paperwork wise and then I will know when I have to start changing my day to day habits in preparation for returning to the world of work and my first full time job.

Wish me luck

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