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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Employed at last.

The assessment centre went ok, but I wasn't what they were looking for so it was back to the drawing board and within a week I had two more interviews lined up, this time for healthcare jobs, which is what I wanted to do so I was kind of glad that I didn't get the other job when these interview offers came through. One interview was as a support worker for troubled children and the other was as a health care assistant in an independent care home.

I had the care home interview first, that was yesterday, I was at the home for around 1 hour it was fairly standard stuff, fill in this application form and then a one to one interview with the care manager at the home, after which she said that she was happy to offer me a job, I accepted the offer there and then, it was a fantastic opportunity and in the economic climate none of us can afford to be turning down job offers. As I left I was informed that the HR manager would be in touch by phone and in writing to confirm further details. She phoned yesterday afternoon and I have to go in and see her on Tuesday of next week to fill in forms for a pre-employment CRB check, which is standard protocol for anyone in the UK who starts in a health care position, this won't be a problem as I do not have a criminal record and I have passed numerous checks before both in terms or standard and enhanced disclosure. Once that has been sent off to the CRB then its just a case of waiting for the relevant certification to be issued before I can start the job. The CRB is well known for being a somewhat unreliable organisation in terms of how long it takes to get the certification to the applicant and the employer so at this present time I have no idea as to how long it will be before I can start my new job. The average time it takes for a CRB certificate to come through is 3-4 weeks but I have known them take in excess of 3 months before now, so it looks like I'm going to have to play the waiting game for a while, but at least I know that there is a job waiting for me.

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