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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Applications, Interviews and Illness

I did fall just short of my target of 40 jobs in the last week in managed to complete a total of 37 applications, which I think is pretty good, I'm not that worried that I didn't manage to reach my target as I still managed to complete a significant number.

Thus far I have recieved positive responses from 8/37 (22%)  of the companies that I have applied too, many saying that my application is being considered, sending out application forms for me to complete, or phoning to request more details in relation to my application/cv. I have also had one, initial stage telephone interview, which I successfully passed, following this interview I have been called to an assesment centre and second formal interview with this company which will take place tomorrow evening, so that is sounding very promising, but only time will tell.

Of the other 29 jobs, I have had 6 negative, responses, either saying that the postion has been closed to new applicants due to an exceptionally high number of applications or that I had not been successful in obtaining an interview at this time, which is a little disheartening, but it is only 6/37 (16%) and at least these people had the good grace to contact me and inform me that i had been unsuccessful rather than just saying nothing.

As for the other  23/37 (62%) I have heard nothing, it's still early days yet so there is still a chance that I may hear from at least some of these people, and for some of these jobs I know that there is still ~ 1week until the closing date for applications so it is unlikely that I will be hearing from any of those before then. I am hoping that I will hear back from at least some of these, but to be perfectly honest, if you are the type of company who can't be bothered to contact people to let them know that they have been unssuccessful, then you're not the type of company that I wan't to be working for anyway.

I know that I said I was going to hit the jobsites hard this week after having the weekend to recouperate, but this is not going to happen, for two reasons, firstly I have the assessment centre and formal assessment tomorrow so I need to spend time preparing for that. Secondly, one of my family has given me some sort of bug so I'm feeling rough at the moment, I have a hacking cough thats keeping me awake at night, a killer sore throat and a big time congestion, so when i'm not preparing for tomorrow night's interview, I will be spending time nursing this illness.

That's all for not, details on how assessment centre goes will follow in good time, but now i'm off to curl up with some throat sweets and degongestants and feel sorry for myself for a bit.

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