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Thursday, 26 May 2011

crazy busy times

I have spent more or less all of the last week tied to my computer trawling through jobsite after jobsite, through countless construction and hi-tech computer things I don't understand vacancies which seem to be popping up left right and centre in the hope of finding something which I may possibly be able to do. After my knock back of early last week I have become increasingly more determined in my search for a job, and in doing so I have had to broaden my search outside of the industries and sectors that I actually want to work in to those that I don't actually object to working in, this does include applying to a local customer service centre which runs a well known online gamblig site, which isn't my proudest moment, but hey it's still better that selling my soul to Steve Jobs.

I set my self a target of finding and applying for 40 jobs before Sheldon and I go to visit my family tomorrow and upto now I have applied for 36 which is pretty good, I may still have the time to hunt down a few more vacant positions to apply for before we have to leave tomorrow, but even if I don't I'm impressed with how well I gave done this week.

I'm looking foward to a weekend away from CVs, covering letters, personal statements and application forms. Hopefully I will be refreshed after the look weekend away from all things job related and I am planning on hitting the jobsites hard again on Tuesday. With any luck I'll start to hear back from some more potential employers shortly and who knows maybe I'll have a job soon and then I wont have to spend any more time searching for jobs. *fingers crossed*

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