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Friday, 20 May 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

May is turning out to be something of a hectic month, not only do Sheldon and I have a whole load of Birthday's amongst our family and friends in May and early June which means a great deal of travelling, May is also turning into the month of interviews.
I had an interview this Morning for a job as an administrator with a debt collection company, this was an initial interview with the assistant to the company's executive director and the administration manager. I felt that it went very well, I tried to appear confident and enthusiastic about the position, I answered their questions to the best of my ability and I asked them some questions which I felt reinforced my enthusiasm and wilingness to devolp were I to be given the role. When I left the interview I felt quietly confident, and I was told that they would be in touch with my recruitment consultant by the end of the day or early tomorrow to inform him if I would be progressing onto the next round of interviews. Within 2 hours of leaving the company I had recieved a message from my recruitment consulatant. He said that he had recieved very positive feedback from the interviewers and that they felt that I was a strong candidate for the role and that a second interview had been arranged for me next wednesday afternoon. The second interview will be with the director of client services and I have been informed that it will be a brief 1-1 meeting around 10 minutes and will ask the same sort of questions as were asked in the initial interview and that the interview is essentially a formality for him to check over potential employees before they enter the company, this doesn't mean I can get complacent though as I still need to impress him in order to be offered the job.

Between now and then I have an initial interview for a job with the NHS on monday afternoon which will involve a short interview and an examination to test my basic numeracy and literacy skills, and if I am successful in that instance I will be required to attend a secondary screening interview with them on wednesday. After almost 2 years out of work I am now in a position where in I could be deciding between two job offers within less than a week which is a bit of a shock, but it seems that things are starting to go well.

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