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Friday, 20 May 2011

Back to Square One

Well despite staring the week with the posibility of two job offers I am ending it with none again. It turns out that despite doing quite well in the clinical suitability tests I took for the healthcare assistant job, so did everyone else and I didn't get the job in favour of someone else, no doubt someone with the relevant NVQ. Despite the fact that I have a degree which is the at an equivalent of a level 4 NVQ, I find myself being passed over for jobs as I don't have the specific qualification they ask for this is usually an NVQ level 2 (which I don't have as I have a higher level qualification). I wasn't overly dissappointed about not getting this job as while treking out to the interview and back I realised that there was no way I could manage that amount of travelling either side of an 8 hour shift running around a busy ward.

I also got a phone call from the recruitment consultant I had been dealing with regarding the other job that I had interviewed for say that as a result of budgetary constraints that they were freezing the role that I had passed the first stage of the interview for and that the second stage interview was being postponed indeffinitely. I got this news approximately 18 hours before I was due to attend the second stage interview, and I was understandably annoyed. The consultant also said that I was one of 3/4 people out of over 100 applicants who made it through to that second stage and was that it was pretty much a done deal that had the interviews had gone ahead I would have gotten the job. This was incredibly annoying as I had come so far only to have the rug pulled from under my feet at the last minute.

After a couple of glasses of wine with Sheldon, followed a day of watching trash TV and feeling sorry for myself, I decided that there was no point crying over spilled milk and went back to job hunting. I've so far sent out 20 applications and have had one company contacting me asking about my availability for interview, which is good, and one company (from whom I had requested an application pack) who informed me that due to an exceptionally high number of aplicants they were no longer accepting applications, which is bad.

Jobhunting is exhausting and soul destroying at times but I am determined to stick at it and keep applying for anything that I stand even the remotest chance of getting, there has to be someone out there who'll give me a job, hasn't there?

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