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Saturday, 9 April 2011

I'm still here

I has been a while since I last blogged this is mostly because there has been very little to blog about Sheldon and I have fallen into a fairly consistent day to day routine (maybe its a little too routine but I can't complain) there has been no major upheaval or really anything all that interesting going on, which is nice for a change. The second reason for my lack of blogging lately is that my poor old laptop which I've had for over 5 years now finally gave in, the screen wouldn't wortk at all and then later on I encountered a genuine RAM emergency so I have been using Sheldon's computer and so have had more limited web access.Sheldon, being the sweetie that he is, bought me a new laptop as a present for my 23rd birthday and now normal service has been resumed.

I survived turning 23, I think I'm getting used to this aging thing (still dreading 30, though thankfull thats a way off still) Sheldon took me out for a meal on my birthday and then on the following Saturday we had people over for a few drinks.... and then a few more. All in all I had a good time although I did get let down by some friends (through not fault of their own) at the last minute, but the few of us who did show up had a good night. Sheldon had forgotten to eat throughout the day and had neglected to take his medication which meant that I had to tuck him up in bed at 2:30am while the evening was still in full swing and he was feeling the effects of the drink. Taxis called and friends dispatched in the direction of home, with the exception of  of a friend Harris* who passed out in a chair and was moved onto the sofa, I finally dragged myself into bed at around 7:30-8am, I really am getting to old for this shit.

The week following my birthday was my Nan's birthday and the Sunday was Mothers' day so I invited my parents and my Nan up for the afternoon and we all went out for lunch. We actually had a really pleasant time and my mother didn't embarass me in public for the first time since... ever.

On the subject of my parents they're splitting up, my mother has gotten herself a flat, which is about half way between my father's house and the store where I used to work when I lived there. I'm not upset about them splitting infact the only thought I've really had on the matter is that its about damn time after the years if them both threatening to leave. They really aren't good for each other and how they stayed together for nearly 30 years I have no idea, they've barely spoken in years and yet still slept in the same bed (on the nights when my mother didn't pass out on the sofa from drinking to much) had it been the case that my brother and I were younger I could understand them endeavouring to stay together for our sake, but I moved out almost 5 years ago and my younger brother is almost 21 and working as a DJ, playing pubs and clubs all over the country and is hardly ever home, he also has a long term girlfriend and the two of them are making plans to move in together so there really hasn't been anything keeping my parents together for all those years. Its not even like either of them are anti-divorce, my mother is my father's second wife. In my opinion they've just stayed together cos they were both to lazy to do anything about their situation, and now finally my mother has, and I breathed a sigh of relief, becuase now I can go back home to see people with out having to deal with my mother druken, needy, self centred ranting on a daily basis.

Hopefully now that someone has finally mad a move they'll pull themselves together and start acting like responisble adults... stranger things have happened. This however is merely speculation on my part and remains to be seen.

* Again not his real name, this is a reference to Harris Glenn Milstead better known as Divine, I couldn't think of a better pseudenym for my film loving drag queen friend :)

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