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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 5

Todays task - What was you favourite subject or the subject you were best at in school/college.

This task is one that I have found particularly difficult, largely because I was a complete geek in school and college and I still am truth be told. I haven't been able to come up with one favourite subject and I very much doubt that I ever will.

Based purely on grades then my best subject was Psychology, for which I got a fairly high A grade at A Level (in the days before the A* A Level was introduced). I always loved psychology as it gave me a chance to argue and to express my opinions, it can be considered something of a soft subject and A Level, and if you just learn the principles and the case studies off pat, but I found that by engaging with the research that we were being presented in the cours and by constantly questioning what I was presented with that Psychology was a subject where I was really stretched. I enjoyed psychology because there is not right or wrong answer and only through an exploration of all of the facts can the most apropriate conclusion be reached.

My desire to be challenged and to have to search for an answer rather that going immediately with what seems obvious is also why I really loved English Literature in school. I have always loved reading and have devoured works of fiction and non-fiction whenever I got the chance for as long as I can remeber. I love trying to get inside of an authors head and think about why they wrote what they did. I love searching for deeper meaning and presenting my own opinions on what I have read, rather than being spoonfed the correct answers in order to pass an exam. I still do read both classic and modern literature for pleasure and searching out a new book by a beloved author is a great thrill for me. I don't feel however, that I would have been able to carry on with literary study after completing my English Literature A Level, because I love to read for pleasure and I have found that the in depth study of a favourite novel or play, can sometimes ruin your own concept of the litertature, it takes away that initial thrill of discovering the plot and relating to the characters.

One subject that has always fascinated me, and which is something that I continued to study as part of my first degree and which will form a major part of my future career progression is Biology, especially Human Biology. This is slightly different to Psychology or English Literature, as in Biology there are right and wrong answer, things work in a specific way, but at the same time these answers aren't set in stone and views are constantly changing as to what the right answer is. Where in maths 1+1 will always equal 2 in Biology the lines aren't always so clear cut, there is a grey area and that is what makes me love Biology. Biology also has its similarities with Literature and Psychology in as much as it is an analytical subject, experimentation and consideration of varying outcomes are what shapes our constatly changing understanding of Biology, and a better understanding of Biology alows us to better understand, ourselves as human beings and the world around us.

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