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Monday, 14 February 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 3

The 5 Most Memorable things that happened to you in 2010.

  • I became a cohabitee for the first time after Sheldon and I moved in together in June.
  • I managed to spend both my Birthday and Christmas out of the company of my "parents".*
  • I was discharged from the Psychiatric Hospital into the care of my GP.
  • I re-established my relationship with my Aunt and Uncle (mum's brother and his wife) by cutting out the middle man of my mother.
  • Sheldon and I managed to drink a glass of wine each and then put the rest of bottle back in the fridge to drink on another occasion.^

* I say "parents" as neither of them have ever been what you could describe as parental in nature, I pretty much bought myself up with the help of my grandparents and more or less single handedly raised my little brother.

^ This may not seem like a great achievement, but as we both come from families with a history of alcohol abuse, and have both had problems with alcohol in the past this is pretty impressive in terms of our developing a healthy relationship with alcohol.

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